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Video analytics

A set of modules that allow detecting and recognizing human faces and car license plates with the possibility to send recognition events for subsequent response to external systems

Faces recognition:

live video

Identification of persons

The videoanalytics module recognizes faces walking under the camera and saves events about it with the ability to view them

Human traffic report

Based on the recognition data, a traffic report is generated that specifies who walked under the camera and when it happened

Integration with ACS

Face recognition events are transmitted in real time to the ACS for automatic door or turnstyle opening

License plates recognition:

Identification of number plates

The video analytics module detects the presence of a car in the frame, recognizes the number, and creates an event that can be viewed

Viewing recognition events

You can view all recognition events as a list with filters and search and watch a video of the event you are interested in

Sending recognition events

Face recognition events can be sent to the specified URL of the third system to solve integration problems

License plate recognition

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