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Software Developer kit for easily creating mobile applications with video surveillance functionality and API for integrating Flussonic Watcher with any external systems. All this is open, convenient and free!

API for integrations:

live video

With ISP billing

There is a set of http methods that allow you to create and link billing plans with camera settings, create users, edit their access rights, block accounts, and configure cameras

To deliver video analytics results

You can send the results of videoanalytics using the event subscriptions, which allows you to transfer face recognition and license plate recognition events from third-party systems

Creating complex systems

Flussonic Watcher can act as a video surveillance subsystem as part of a modern monitoring and security system. We have provided everything necessary to ensure that integration and work with Flussonic Watcher is convenient and fast

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SDK for mobile platforms:

Mobile player

Full-featured ready-to-embed player in your project for viewing video in real time, archive from cameras, navigation on the timeline, controls for playing video

List of cameras with previews

A component with a list of cameras, basic camera controls, and a video preview window. You can scroll through the list of cameras, as well as navigate from the selected camera to its player

Native Components and React Native

The SDK comes in three versions: two native versions for iOS and Android, and one universal version using React Native

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License plate recognition

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