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Firmware IRIS

Modern, functional and secure firmware for IP cameras that works in any browser, including mobile, without installing additional plugins and performing special settings


Firmware for IP cameras:

live video

Secure connection

The firmware is based on cryptographic algorithms for video transmission and compliance with modern security requirements for working with an ip camera

Any browser support

You can work with the firmware through any modern browser, including mobile. You no longer need to use Internet Explorer with pre-installed plugins to configure your IP camera

Maximum connections

Unlike conventional firmware, where 2-3 clients can connect to the IP camera at the same time, our firmware allows you to distribute video from cameras to as many clients as the Ethernet port on the camera allows

And also:

Agent included

Inside the IRIS firmware, Flussonic Agent is already pre-installed, which allows you to make the camera a Plug&Play device and connect it to a remote Flussonic Watcher server without static ip and port forwarding

Working on different chipsets

IRIS firmware can be ported to any modern cameras based on Hisilicon, Mstar, XM chipsets, etc

QR code recognition

In the case of using the IRIS firmware on home WiFi cameras, the firmware can recognize QR codes for connecting to the Flussonic Watcher server and the client’s WiFi network

License plate recognition

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