Flussonic Agent

Software installed on a ip camera for automatic connection from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection to the Flussonic Watcher server without public IP address or port forwarding


No public IP or portforwarding

The camera can be located behind the NAT and it is enough to connect to the Internet for it to automatically find and connect to the Flussonic Watcher server

Secure connection

The agent on the camera creates an encrypted tunnel to the Flussonic Watcher server, which significantly increases the security of using the camera over the Internet

Stable video

The agent has a built-in buffer that allows you to cache video when transmitting to a remote Flussonic Watcher server over unstable content delivery network

Operator lock or free for use

The agent can be locked to the operator’s Flussonic Watcher and connect to it automatically or it can wait for a command from the mobile app to connect to a any Flussonic Watcher server

Plug & play & secure

Automatic connection

The camera with the Agent connects automatically due to NAT and does not require static IP addresses or port forwarding on the router

Video encryption

The connection between the camera and the server is secured using a tunnel connection using TLS encryption

Improving the quality

The Agent has a buffer that is used to improve the quality of video delivery from the camera to the server when the communication channel is unstable

Agent types

Activated by the mobile app

This type of agent, when connected to an Internet camera, waits for a command from the mobile app to connect to the Watcher server.

A subscriber or an engineer performing camera commissioning opens the Flussonic Watcher mobile application connected to the local network where the camera is located and uses it to search the network for inactive agents on the cameras.

The measurement sends a command to connect the selected agent to the server and the camera instantly appears in the account from which the activation command was sent.

Automatically activated

When the camera is connected to the Internet, the Agent automatically connects to the Watcher server.

Cameras with automatically connected agents are displayed to the administrator and he can assign each of the cameras to a separate subscriber. In addition, it is possible to automatically link connected cameras using billing and using camera serial numbers.

In this case, Watcher sends the camera’s serial number to billing and asks which subscriber the camera should be linked to.

IP cameras supporting Flussonic Agent

If you are an IP camera manufacturer, Flussonic specialists can help you implement Agent support. To do this, justcontact us.

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