Software for video surveillance
over the Internet

Using Flussonic Watcher you can launch your own video surveillance cloud, organize a city video surveillance system, or build a distributed security system for small, medium and large sites


Flussonic Watcher includes a variety of components that allow you to connect ip cameras to it, control playback on various customer devices, record video from ip cameras, organize a surveillance point for security, and use video analytics like number plates recognition and faces recognition


A modern video surveillance system for solving classic and special security tasks, broadcasting video from ip cameras, recording and providing remote access to distributed IP cameras and archives.

For telecom operators

A cloud-based video surveillance service for monitoring an office, apartment, or home, launched on the basis of Flussonic Watcher, will allow you to launch a service that is in demand on the market and attract new subscribers
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For business

A system for monitoring operational processes and customer service quality with videoanalytics to reduce costs, optimize the number of employees and, ultimately, increase profits
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For system integrators

An alternative solution to installing DVR`s for Your customers to improve the safety of video recordings, reduce the cost of servicing installed systems
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For security

Video surveillance system for ensuring the safety of property, countering violators and investigating incidents with the possibility of integration into integrated security systems
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For cities safety

Organization of broadcasting from city and yard surveillance cameras to Central monitoring points, city websites, or mobile devices of customers
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