What is the Best Video Surveillance Camera for your Home?

Max Lapshin
CEO of Erlyvideo

Operator services

Undoubtedly, technology has advanced enormously in recent years, generating great changes in the way we live and the field of security is no exception. More and more people have decided to install a camera in their home to avoid the presence of possible invaders and, in addition, to know what happens inside when they are not there - a very common use case is to supervise what the babysitters do when they are left alone at home to care for the children.

However, as common as it is for homeowners to buy video surveillance cameras in the cloud, people still have doubts when acquiring them because the variety is great and so much technical information can become a bit intimidating for a new user. Therefore, it is valid to ask: What is the best video surveillance camera for a home?

Of those that we have available here at Flussonic Watcher, Home security cameras are the most suitable, since these devices are perfect for remotely controlling everything that happens in the home. These cameras, thanks to the world-renowned quality of Flussonic Watcher, offer sharp images in real time and users can see what is happening from anywhere in the world through a mobile application or a web application.

Unlike what happens with other cameras, the Flussonic Watcher Home camera allows you to see 345 degrees around the device, since the application comes with a joystick that allows the user to move the camera to see in real time what is happening in a given space. In addition to being able to see almost every corner of the house, users will always see a very sharp image thanks to the 4-millimeter FULL HD lens regardless of the quality of light or whether it is day or night, since the camera comes with an IR cut filter with state-of-the-art magnetic detector to allow night vision.

Cloud surveillance cameras are here to stay as homeowners can remotely monitor their assets regardless of where they are. Thanks to this technology it is possible to travel and receive notifications if something happens at home.

On the other hand, an advantage that is not talked about much, but that is a reality demonstrated in several viral videos on the Internet, is that the vast majority of thieves prefer to stay away from homes that have video surveillance cameras installed. In addition, in the event of an invasion, the owners can use the videos as evidence in court and the footage will never be stolen as they are stored in the cloud.

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