Flussonic Watcher v.24.01

Watcher version 24.01 introduces innovative features, including a refined timeline scale, streamlined video analytics configuration, the addition of a DVR Player for easy archive fragment selection and download, and the implementation of proxying requests to Central, marking a significant step towards enhanced scalability and resource optimization.

Try out the new features, improvements and bugs fixed, and witness the evolution of Watcher.

  • #35048 (new) (UI) The timeline scale increased to show records for the last hour by default facilitating the archive navigation.
  • #30906 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with filtering on the Events page in Watcher UI resulted in emptying the Events page.
  • #31964 (improved) (UI) Deleted the “Vision” setting from streamer profile in Watcher UI. The relevant way of configuring the video analytics will be available in our documentation as soon as possible.
  • #33670 (fixed) Fixed the issue with unrecognized persons not appearing in the event list and in the Lists of Persons.
  • #34121 (fixed) Fixed the issue with two or three push notifications on one event in Watcher Client UI (PWA).
  • #34687 (fixed) Fixed the issue with branding logo applying only after clearing the cache.
  • #34986 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the display of events and player controls on the camera page of Watcher Client UI (PWA) when viewed in landscape orientation on mobile devices.
  • #35466 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with NVR cameras not played in the DVR Player when listed on a second or greater page in the camera list in Watcher UI.
  • #35601 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Watcher not being able to connect with a camera via ONVIF when the camera responded with a minimum GetNTP response.
  • #35694 (improved) Supported the routing of API requests with /central prefix to Central.
  • #35967 (fixed) Fixed HTTP 400 error returned in response to GET /persons when persons in the old format were present in the database.
  • #33206 (new) timelapse option is enabled for watcher ui users.

Watcher documentation (24.01) 2024-01-15

  • #35685 (new) The instructions on archive configuration in Watcher moved to a separate [page] and enriched with the details about the archive clean-up process.
  • #34779 (improved) Added the recommendations on Watcher versions compatibility that is useful for [cluster update].

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