Flussonic Watcher 23.09

What’s new in Flussonic Watcher 23.09

In our latest 23.09 release, we’re excited to introduce an array of enhancements to Flussonic Watcher! This includes seamless video analytics integration via the Central API schema, Watcher deployment in Kubernetes, and API v3 support for enhanced user authorization. Additionally, improved mobile web-interface, streamlining authentication backend setup, including RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, and RTSPS protocols, fixing previews and duplicating events. With addressing various bug fixes we contributed to a smoother and more powerful user experience of our customers!

Watcher 23.09

  • #29786 (new) Update the Central API schema to support Watcher video analytics module.
  • #30641 (new) Watcher can be deployed in Kubernetes using the examples on our GitHub.
  • #31179 (new) Added API v3 support when authorizing users in the Watcher UI.
  • #32013 (new) Watcher receives the video analytics events from Central.
  • #32215 (new) (UI) Added a client profile page to the Watcher UI.
  • #32253 (new) (UI) Added Config tab to manage auth backends in the Central UI.
  • #32353 (new) (UI) Added Cluster Key field to the Input > Options tab in the stream settings.
  • #32429 (new) (UI) Added push notification settings to the Watcher UI.
  • #32383 (improved) Fixed the issue with the incorrect Watcher update.
  • #32388 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the Watcher UI displaying the 500 Application error on the Health page when one of the streamers goes offline.
  • #32410 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Watcher failing to update.
  • #32478 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Watcher failing to play streams because of the invalid token.
  • #31683 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with incorrect display of the chart on the Overview tab in the stream profile after the page is updated manually.
  • #31967 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with Watcher UI randomly switching languages.
  • #32165 (improved) (UI) Updated the design of events in the Watcher UI.
  • #32390 (improved) (UI) Added pagination for Agents list in Central to provide better navigation experience.
  • #32607 (improved) (UI) Added RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, and RTSPS fields to the Listeners section.
  • #32817 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with Central UI not displaying preview images of the DVR episodes on the Events tab.
  • #32565 (improved) Test streams with video analytics are now available at VSAAS.IO.
  • #32702 (improved) Fixed the previews and removed duplicating events. Central update to the current version is required.

Watcher documentation 23.09

  • #29468 (improved) Removed the outdated page about the ONVIF-compatible cameras search.
  • #30388 (improved) Added Kazakhstan and Bulgaria to the list of countries for which license plate recognition is available.
  • #32148 (improved) Explained new logics of the DVR Path parameter in streamer settings.
  • #32766 (improved) Fixed the step of Watcher installation process for streamers where the instructions on configuring HTTPS are given. The use of Let’s Encrypt certificates is now recommended.

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