The Most Effective Tool To Communicate With Clients

Max Lapshin
CEO of Erlyvideo

In our most recent release, we started to transform Flussonic Watcher into much more than a software tool to run subscription services. Now we have added a completely new and very interesting feature. The new Flussonic Watcher has the ability to transmit video surveillance, information on new products and services, updates, billing information, and more to the subscriber in a quick and effective way. What benefits does this new capability brings to our customers or operators? In short, an effective communication channel that allows, for example, to increase sales and customer loyalty. But that is not it. Stay with us and we will show you the full potential of the new Flussonic Watcher.

The Power of Push Notifications

It is not a secret that the majority of people that are constantly monitoring on CCTV their home, children or elderly family members are doing so on their mobile devices. What makes these people turn their attention to their devices, as we all know, are the popular push notifications. Here at Flussonic, we understood that these notifications can be used for more than just informing of some type of action in front of the camera. Why not, we thought, use this channel to connect the service provider with the subscriber?

It all started when in an exhibition we met with LLC ‘One Service’, a loyal Watcher’s customer that provides its clients with a video surveillance system for apartment buildings, where CCTV cameras are installed in various parts of the structure, such as stairs, parking lots, and playgrounds. At that meeting, Technical Director of ‘One Service’, mentioned that he wanted to provide his subscribers important information through the mobile application they use to check cameras in real-time.

The information that the Directors of this company wanted to share with their users, just to name just a few, included:

  • Notifications of pending payments for the video surveillance service
  • Future meetings of the owners association
  • Introduction of new tenants of the building
  • New cameras available for viewing

The implementation of this scenario in our API was very successful. After many hours of hard work and dedication, we got Watcher to send the desired message to the application of a particular user. After specifying the proper USER\_ID, this person received the push notification and was able to see the message on the screen of his mobile device. Success!

After the process was implemented correctly and running smoothly, we started to work on the push notifications that would inform customers that their bill was ready. To achieve that, we merged the ‘One Service’ payment system with our API, which is in charge to give the command to Watcher to send the message directly to the mobile application. Once again the implementation was successful and ‘One Service’ got exactly what they wanted plus they managed to introduce a key communication tool between them and their customers.

Do you want to test how this new feature works?

You can send a test notification to any of your clients at any given time. Go to the Watcher web interface and click the “Send Test Notification” button, located next to the chosen USER\_ID. The message will instantly appear on the mobile phone of the subscriber, if, and this is very important, the right permissions were granted to the application prior to this test.

The examples mentioned in this article are just two drops of water in an ocean of possibilities that is now available to our users. If you want to know how you can implement this new functionality in your service, please contact us and tell us more about your needs. It is always a pleasure to guide you.

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