Video Surveillance in the Cloud and Marketing

Max Lapshin
CEO of Erlyvideo

Video surveillance

Retailers who embrace new technologies are always, statistically proven, those who excel in their industry. In this article, we will delve into how an emerging technology like cloud video surveillance can help retailers generate marketing strategies that, when well developed, can take a business to the next level.

Marketing is one of the most efficient vehicles to increase sales and customer traffic within a warehouse and the data provided by technology can be interpreted to create marketing strategies. A company that wants to stand out must rely on technology to achieve higher sales and customer loyalty.

Marketing and video surveillance in the cloud lately have created a very effective team that has provided a range of possibilities that did not exist before. Thanks to video surveillance in the cloud and video analytics modules, it is now possible, for example, to obtain statistics such as customer traffic, duration of customers at the cash registers, occupancy levels and customer patterns that help managers to make decisions such as where to locate certain products to achieve greater exposure.

It is obvious that the video surveillance industry is no longer only focused on security, but also on observing the behavior of people in a given space. For this, intelligent video analytics modules have been developed such as:

CheckoutCheckout Line management

Checkout line management allows you to calculate approximately how many people stay in a specific area for a certain time, which allows you to generate daily, weekly or monthly reports that can be transformed into a better service and effective marketing strategies.

Many times we have seen advertisements for stores that announce that during certain days and certain hours they will have all their cash registers open and available to their customers. These days and hours were not chosen randomly, the managers of these establishments obtained that information thanks to the video analytics of their video surveillance system.

Heat MapsHeat Maps

Heat maps are basically graphics that help the retail sector to identify those areas that attract the attention of its visitors. These graphs are based on thermography and include a hierarchy of colors where the most visited points are identified with warm colors (red, orange and yellow) and the less popular areas are represented with cold colors (green, blue and turquoise).

With regard to marketing, those responsible for the stores can use this information for the correct placement of the products, locating the most suitable areas to carry out a promotion, and optimizing the design of the space, since many times the traffic indicates that the space for customers to pass through, it is not ideal and this generates traffic jams and, consequently, discomfort for the visitor.

Visitor countVisitor count

Different businesses, such as retail stores and leisure facilities, can monitor the occupancy level of their premises thanks to their cloud video surveillance system and know in real time the number of people present and thus be able to receive an early warning when arriving at the threshold specified by law enforcement agencies.

This allows, in marketing terms, that the company can assure its visitors that they will always be in a monitored and safe space. This is extremely important to customers especially in these times of pandemic. Many are the retail chains that use this message to make their customers feel much more comfortable.

The retail sector is very changing and the agility with which those responsible for business move will mark the success or not in sales. Fortunately, more and more entrepreneurs are using technology wisely to improve the experience of their customers, thus promoting visits and consequently sales.

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