Leveraging Video Analytics to Identify Unwanted Visitors

Andrey Terekhin
Flussonic Watcher project director

Video Analytics

Criminals and other unwanted visitors are a big issue for retailers, sports organizations, transportation companies, and anyone involved in property safety. Shoplifters and pickpockets are always inventing alternative ways to commit crimes to try and get away with impunity. While the city’s security system works hard to catch these individuals, aggressive fans are roaming around sports venues. Therefore, the only way to reduce the number of crimes is to be able to notify security as soon as possible.

Thanks to video analytics systems, maintaining order at public and private facilities has become much easier. We suggest using Watcher to strengthen security and identify unwanted visitors.

How Flussonic Watcher does it

First, we figure out which spots have the most traffic. In these zones, we install video cameras at eye level. We create a list of people who are prohibited from the facility in advance to enable Watcher to identify these visitors. Thus, if an unwanted person is spotted by one of the cameras, Watcher sends the event to a third-party URL. The event indicates the person and the location of the camera. After that, the access control or burglar alarm system unpacks the event and informs the security about any unwelcome “guests.”


  • Watcher Server
  • Video card for video analytics
  • IP-camera aimed at eye level or with a deviation of no more than 15 degrees along the horizon with HD / - FullHD resolution. Face size - at least 10% of the frame height
  • Integrated complex security or monitoring system

The system works effectively in the situational centers of smart cities and complex security systems of large and geographically distributed facilities. The solution also applies to complex security systems in retail stores, at sports events, and in the implementation of transport security programs. Flussonic Watcher simplifies the identification of offenders and thereby saves the facility owners from sleepless nights and worries about their business.

System requirements and other details

Server and video card requirements

API for integration

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