Identification Real-time Video Conferencing Identification

Max Lapshin
CEO of Erlyvideo


Over the last year, video conferencing became one of the most crucial tools for any processes involving business. It is the main reason quality requirements have skyrocketed. A few years ago, technical issues and the lack of diverse functionalities were an annoying routine. Today, they are critical problems standing in the way of successfully achieving business tasks. Video conference hosts with dozens or even hundreds of participants are experiencing the toughest challenges. Finding information and organizing members while hosting a meeting for hundreds of people is a stressful activity. So, what can Watcher do to turn video conferencing into a pleasant event?

With installed web cameras, Watcher helps to identify conference participants in an instant.

Cameras are connected to the videoconferencing system (VCS) and Watcher. As soon as a conference member appears in the frame, Watcher identifies them.

VCS or third-party information system contains data and photos about all participants. A third-party system uses the Watcher API to create individual profiles and adds profile photos and other relevant personal information.

When the camera identifies the participant, Watcher sends the event to the video conferencing URL (or another integrated information system). You can search for personal data by a unique identifier. You can also display the data on every participant’s screen or show it only to the presenter.

Flussonic Watcher is widely used at webinars, online conferences, and different types of meetings. This solution is also applied in education and litigation.

On top of that, data from Watcher helps hosts to view participant photos, even if the video quality suffers.

Video conference hosts should also monitor participants’ activities. For example, when the members are working in different “rooms”, Watcher can instantly help the host and provide them with the necessary information.

Our solution includes:

  • Watcher Server
  • Video card for video analytics
  • IP-camera aimed at eye level or with a deviation of no more than 15 degrees along the horizon with HD / FullHD resolution. Face size - at least 10% of the frame height
  • VCS

System requirements and other details

Server and video card requirements

API for integration

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