Flussonic Watcher 24.02

Introducing Flussonic Watcher 24.02, where we’re revolutionizing your monitoring capabilities! Immerse yourself in a more comprehensive camera view with the latest mosaic sizes. Mosaic function will help to organize effective monitoring in offices, shopping malls, production facilities - everywhere where you need to work with multiple cameras at the same time. But that’s not all – we’ve diligently worked on various improvements and bug fixes to ensure a top-notch surveillance experience. Elevate your surveillance game with Flussonic Watcher 24.02!

New mosaic sizes

Mosaic function helps and simplifies an effective monitoring in offices, shopping malls, production facilities - everywhere where you need to work with multiple cameras at the same time without switching among cameras and without losing focus on any one camera, with this function the reaction time of an operator is reduced. To cover these needs of our customers we implemented new mosaic sizes (up to 8*8) to Flussonic Watcher.

Bugs fixed

Firmware update
When updating XM firmware there is no error appearing anymore in the Watcher UI. Please note that you should update both Watcher and Media Server for the fix to be available.

Binding persons and episodes
For the new analytics personas are added correctly: If added to several organizations, the person is updated only in the same organization as the camera where it was detected. If a detected person does not belong to the camera organization, he/she will be ignored: owners of this organizations will not know that their persona was seen on someone else’s camera.

Branding logo in the Watcher Client UI (PWA)
A branding logo in .svg format is now supported for upload and display in the Watcher Client UI (PWA).

Camera list
For more convenient navigation across a camera list from a mobile device, we fixed an issue so that the position in a camera list and and the position of a scrollbar are remembered and not dropped when opening a camera from the camera list in the Watcher Client UI (PWA).

Network statistics
The network statistics of a streamer list is now enabled by default in Watcher UI.

Long polling technology
A mechanism of instant analytics events uses Long polling technology now, with that analytics messages can be used for receiving push messages in the Watcher mobile app or for integration with access control systems.

Service ‘flussonic-watcher’
To make it easier for sysadmins to manage flussonic-watcher service with all its dependencies, we added an ability to run its stopping, starting and restarting as a group, instead of performing a chain of 4 commands.

Removed the storage of Agent metrics in Redis and Prometheus
To facilitate the use of Watcher in a cluster or a container orchestration system, like Kubernetes, the storage of Agent metrics was removed from Redis and Prometheus.

ONVIF settings tab
ONVIF settings tab does not crash anymore in the camera profile of Watcher UI.

Other news


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