Flussonic Watcher 23.08

What’s new in Flussonic Watcher 23.08

Discover the latest updates in Flussonic Watcher! Version 23.08 brings an identical API for managing persons in Flussonic Vision and Flussonic Central, along with fixes for issues like adding new persons, stream deletions, DVR player unavailability, and license plate recognition hiccups. Meanwhile, version 23.07 introduces automatic cleanup of old event records, Iris firmware for Flussonic RE camersa (with Fulhan chipset), enhanced arm64 support, and a host of bug fixes to ensure seamless functionality. Upgrade now and experience a smoother, more efficient surveillance management system.

Watcher (23.08)

  • #29926 (new) The identical API for managing persons is now provided by both Flussonic Vision and Flussonic Central. The primary database for persons is on Central’s side while Vision module synchronizes with it.
  • #29183 (fixed) Fixed the issue with inability to add a new person due to “MultipleFacesDetectedError”.
  • #31320 (fixed) Fixed the issue with streams not deleted from Central when corresponding cameras were deleted from Watcher. However, the streams that were not deleted before we fixed this issue will remain in Central; we recommend you to delete them manually or (for advanced users only!) delete all streams from Central and re-provision them from scratch.
  • #31422 (fixed) Fixed the issue with DVR player not being available when the camera was offline.
  • #32072 (fixed) Fixed the issue with crashes and freezes of the license plate recognition.

Watcher (23.07)

  • #23563 (new) The database records of old events (motion, LPR, face recognition) are now cleaned up automatically based on the new episodes mechanism. Re-save all the cameras where those events are enabled in order to make sure that this feature works correctly.
  • #29509 (new) The Iris firmware for Flussonic RE cameras (with FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset) is now available as a standard binary file that can be used for firmware update in the camera’s web UI.
  • #31226 (new) The episodes_expiration parameter is now provisioned from Watcher to Central according to the configured DVR depths for records with detected motion events.
  • #31227 (new) The analytics and motion events are now processed by Watcher as episodes. The episodes are managed by Flussonic Central.
  • #31246 (new) Supported watchdog in Iris for cameras with FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #10052 (improved) full arm64 support for Watcher
  • #30043 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agent activation failure caused by the activation server passing invalid thumbnails URL for some camera models.
  • #30977 (fixed) Fixed the issue with motion events archive not cleaned up according to the archive depth settings. The cleanup process is now based on the new episodes mechanism.
  • #31008 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Iris startup on cameras with FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset without additional hardware initialization.
  • #31035 (fixed) Supported auto configuration of routing settings at Iris startup on cameras with FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #31170 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agent statuses not displayed in Watcher VMS.
  • #31247 (fixed) Fixed the issue with AAC codec not initialized in the HAL interface when using Iris.
  • #31252 (fixed) Fixed the flussonic-watcher package post-installation script error appeared if /etc/watcher/watcher.conf file already existed when you ran the installation.
  • #31255 (fixed) Fixed the issue with inability to connect with the camera via ONVIF to get motion events.
  • #31293 (improved) configuration now is provisioned to streamer on each sync
  • #31315 (fixed) Fixed the issue with streamer not saved in camera settings because of incorrect status info.
  • #31362 (improved) Fixed the issue with new localhost streamer created at each Watcher update.
  • #31406 (fixed) Fixed the issue with cameras and streamers not displayed in Watcher UI when disabling any streamer in failover mode.
  • #31430 (improved) Fixed the issue with camera statuses displayed as offline in the list mode even though the corresponding streams were active and working fine.
  • #31456 (fixed) Fixed the issue with watcher-episodes service not starting due to incorrect processing of Face.start_at parameter.
  • #31506 (improved) The episode expiration setting is now provisioned from Watcher to Central even if DVR limit for records with detected motion (dvr_lock_days) is not specified. When dvr_lock_days is not specified, the episode expiration is equal to general DVR depth.

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