Flussonic Watcher 21.08

Familiarízate con los cambios introducidos en los productos Flussonic Watcher 21.08.

Flussonic Agent ahora está disponible para Vesta con chipset Hi3516EV200, Mstar MSC325 y Dahua Leo DH7300C. Las piezas bloqueadas obsoletas de DVR ya no se acumulan. Solucionamos el problema al habilitar el procesamiento de eventos de detección de movimiento a través del protocolo ONVIF para muchas cámaras, lo que provocó que la interfaz de usuario de Watcher dejara de responder. Se aumenta la estabilidad del algoritmo de reconocimiento facial. Consulte la lista completa de correcciones a continuación y actualice sus servidores lo antes posible.

Qué hay de nuevo

  • #12339 (new) (Watcher) Added support of Armenian license plates in video analytics module.
  • #15259 (new) (Watcher) When integrating with an access control system the Watcher should submit information about detected person so that the system will be able to verify access permissions and log event details for further reporting. An access control system has it own database with identifiers for persons and it is expected that the Watcher returns this external ID. Now an administrator can assign and edit this external Id for a person in a list of persons via Watcher UI.
  • #16441 (new) (Watcher) Support of the agent for Vesta cameras with Hi3516EV200 chipset (models: VC-3147 / VC-3247 / VC-3347 / VC-3447) was added.
  • #18239 (new) (Watcher) Support of the agent for Dahua cameras with Leo DH7300C chipset was added.
  • #18242 (new) (Watcher) Support of the agent for Mstar MSC325 camera was added.

Problemas resueltos

  • #18104 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed Watcher license restrictions signalling.
  • #13997 (fixed) (Watcher) Labels for fields Password and Confirm password when setting up password for IRIS camera were added. Without these labels a user was confused what to do.
  • #16573 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issued when enabling motion detection events processing via ONVIF protocol for a lot of cameras led to the Watcher UI became unresponsive.
  • #16612 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with accumulating outdated locked pieces of DVR was fixed. Now such pieces will be deleted by regular clean up procedure in automatic mode.
  • #17661 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with opening another page when clicking on Load More in camera list was fixed.
  • #18050 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that the filter by organization did’t work in the list view.
  • #18074 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue with missing previews for analytic events.
  • #18305 (fixed) (Watcher) Improved reliability of handling of the camera status change event.
  • #18306 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with rebooting of IRIS camera every 15 minutes was fixed.
  • #16624 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with getting “-” when requesting agent’s log in Watcher UI was fixed.
  • #17322 (fixed) (Watcher) Increased the stability of the face recognition algorithm. Issue with detecting different faces as the same person should no longer occur.
  • #18347 (fixed) (Watcher) After restarting a Watcher server all camera’s agents tried to reconnect simultaneously. It led to overload of a server. Some optimizations were implemented to solver the situation.

Actualizaciones en la documentación

  • #13369 (doc) (Watcher) The article about API for Agent activation is added to help you add cameras in your own app in the same way as in Watcher app.
  • #15009 (doc) (Watcher) Example organizations, users and folders management API calls added to facilitate billing integration and/or app development.
  • #17174 (doc) (Watcher) Watcher Quick Start Guide is updated to provide you with high-level scenarios of configuring Watcher for CCTV or VSaaS.
  • #17486 (doc) (Watcher) New article added about the types of API keys and how to use them for API request authorization.
  • #17638 (doc) (Watcher) The section about managing cameras within an Organization is updated with more screenshots and details.
  • #17696 (doc) (Watcher) The ways you can search for users by their login when managing users and their permissions are described.
  • #17700 (doc) (Watcher) The seamless archive feature is described for the case when streamers are switched in the camera settings manually or automatically.
  • #17728 (doc) (Watcher) The purpose of substreams in camera settings explained.
  • #17761 (doc) (Watcher) The article about creating mosaics is updated and the ways you can use mosaics on the Dashboard or the Mosaics page are described.
  • #18214 (doc) (Watcher) The new way of adding and configuring streamers on the Health page (instead of Settings as in previous version) is described.
  • #18332 (doc) (Watcher) Detailed description of access to public cameras in Watcher is added.
  • #18445 (doc) (Watcher) Armenia is added to the list of countries for which ANPR is supported.

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