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The Most Effective Tool To Communicate With Clients

Flussonic Watcher has the ability to transmit video surveillance, information on new products and services, updates, billing information, and more

What is the Best Video Surveillance Camera for your Home?

Undoubtedly, technology has advanced enormously in recent years, generating great changes in the way we live and the field of security is no exception.

Effective video surveillance system in retail sector

How to improve customer service and increase sales? Whenever we bring up video surveillance and its purpose in retail, security and theft protection

Leveraging Video Analytics to Identify Unwanted Visitors

Criminals and other unwanted visitors are a big issue for retailers, sports organizations, transportation companies, and anyone involved in property safety.

Why is it important to Verify Users Who Handle Financial Transactions?

Many managers suppose they do not have to do anything with their own hands because assistants and secretaries can “volunteer” and carry out

Why Do I Need to Verify Users Who Handle Financial Transactions?

With an IP or web camera installed in close proximity to the computer that has access to financial accounts (the camera is added to Watcher as an RTSP stream)