Flussonic Watcher 21.09

Get familiar with the changes introduced in Flussonic Watcher 21.09 products.

Demo access mode was redesigned to be more suitable for sharing free access to everyone. Performance and reliability of the system when working with 1000+ cameras with the Agent are improved. Supporting ALTLinux. Check the full list of fixes below and get your servers upgraded as soon as possible.

What’s New

  • #17081 (new) (Watcher) Go to player control was added on the Camera setting page. Now you can easily jump to player back when setting up your camera.
  • #18312 (new) (Watcher) Demo access mode was redesigned to be more suitable for sharing free access to everyone. Corresponding control on Log in page was renamed to “Public cameras” and placed on the top of the page.
  • #18554 (new) (Watcher) ALTLinux was supported. RPM package for this Linux version is available by request.
  • #18739 (new) (Watcher) Precise screenshots for analytical events and procedure to automatically clean them up were added.

Issues Resolved

  • #18065 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that blank screen was shown when trying to watch camera location on Yandex.Map was fixed.
  • #18074 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue with missing previews for analytic events.
  • #18389 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that in some cases branding colors were incorrectly implemented was fixed
  • #18504 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that there was no validation for steam_url and substream_url parameters was fixed.
  • #18610 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that import api didn’t transfer Agent from one streamer to another was fixed.
  • #18983 (fixed) (Watcher) We improved performance and reliability of the system when working with 1000+ cameras with the Agent.
  • #19016 (fixed) (Watcher) Issues that the filter of analytic events returned incorrect results due to time zone difference was fixed.

Documentation updates

  • #18322 (doc) (Watcher) Recommended video parameters and camera mounting guidelines for face recognition and ANPR are listed to help you choose proper cameras and install them on site in the right way to ensure the best recognition quality.
  • #18333 (doc) (Watcher) The purpose and limitations of On-demand camera setting in Watcher are clarified.
  • #18464 (doc) (Watcher) API requests for obtaining screenshots (thumbnails) from Watcher cameras are described to help you implement previews in your own app or avoid live video broadcasting when it is not required e.g. to surveil “slow processes” like a construction site or a greenhouse.
  • #18906 (doc) (Watcher) The DVR player functions and controls are documented to help you view the archive.
  • #18993 (doc) (Watcher) Setting up the person’s external ID for Access Control or other third party system integration is described.
  • #19021 (doc) (Watcher) The Capture only video setting allowing not to ingest audio stream from the camera is documented.
  • #19083 (doc) (Watcher) Added an explanation of why we do not recommend to use H.265 codec when adding cameras to Watcher.

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