Flussonic Watcher 20.05

Get familiar with the changes introduced in Flussonic Watcher 20.05.

Group editing of camera settings, preserving DVR after moving a camera to another streamer, specifying ‘from’ and ‘to’ to view a camera in Watcher, diagnostics of connections in the UI.

What’s New

  • #4850 (new) (Watcher) The URL for accessing a camera from Watcher can accept ‘from’ and ‘to’ parameters that allow playing specific extracts from the camera’s DVR. For example, ‘/vsaas/camera/camera_name/archive?from=1511441029’. It can be used to form links for viewing events by opening the camera’s DVR in the UI at the position when the event occurred.
  • #7802 (new) (Watcher) In the event of failover (when a camera is moved across streamers in a cluster), the camera’s DVR from a previous streamer is still accessible now until it’s cleaned up.
  • #8543 (new) (Watcher) You can change camera settings through the group editing of all selected cameras in a list. For example, you can assign a certain streamer to all selected cameras.
  • #10412 (new) (Watcher) The new UI section for automatically receiving the OperatorID, and for diagnostics of connection of the mobile app and Agents to Watcher (Settings > Mobile app and Agents).
  • #8860 (improved) (Watcher) Watcher now keeps all your filtering criteria on Cameras, Favorites, Events, and Agents pages when you move to other pages, and it applies the filters that are suitable for these pages until you clear the filter.

Issues Resolved

  • #11282 (fixed) (Mobile Watcher) The zoom in the player in vertical display orientation was fixed.
  • #11552 (fixed) (Mobile Watcher) The app’s stability and appearance was improved. Groups no longer appear instead of organizations on the home page.
  • #11565 (fixed) (Watcher) The list of events for viewing in Video Analytics was improved.
  • #11570 (fixed) (Watcher) Improvements for small screens with high display scaling: the form for filtering cameras now fits the screen, the Save button is visible in the Send Message form.
  • #11584 (fixed) (Watcher) The embed.html player failed to play a camera with DVR if the configuration of Flussonic contained no HTTP port 80.
  • #11610 (fixed) (Watcher) Improved processing of user permissions in organizations when saving a user who belongs to multiple organizations.
  • #11640 (fixed) (Watcher) Cameras now receive changes of DVR settings when the user has edited the corresponding unadjustable preset.
  • #11774 (fixed) (Watcher) In certain builds, the embedded player did not work.

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